Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)

Nursing Assistant Training Program

Begin Growing Your Career in Health Care as a Certified Nursing Assistant

Cource Fee USD 900.00

Course Fee include Registration ($100.00) and Books. | Class duration - One Month

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A CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is an individual who has been certified by the State of Texas to be qualified to give care to residents and patients in many different healthcare positions and capacities.

As a CNA you have the opportunity to meet your personal job fulfillment needs on many levels, professionally, intellectually and emotionally.

Becoming a CNA will allow you an opportunity to make a real difference in the life of a person suffering from an illness, disease or disability. This impact alone is the motivation for many people to become a CNA, and is why many people make being a CNA their long term career. Also, as a CNA you develop many interpersonal skills which help you increase your efficiency in communicating, displaying empathy, and problem solving. These skills have positive impacts on daily life within and without the workplace.

The growing demand for CNA’s within the healthcare field is projected to explode as the population continues to age. Because of this, you have a unique opportunity to get involved in a profession with incredible upside! Source: www.victorycnahouston.com


EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES JC Victory Career Institute understands our students’ desire to find a fulfilling career in healthcare. Our classroom will have employers come to you to present the opportunities available for employment. We will also include job postings which will focus on the current CNA needs within our community. CNA’ are in high demand and healthcare providers are eager to discuss their employment opportunities with our instructors.

TWC ACCELERATED 4 WEEK TRAINING COURSE allows students to find employment sooner than other programs which could take 6 months or up to a year.

JC Victory Health Career Institue offers students a COMPREHENSIVE REVIEW SESSION the day before the state test which helps students keep materials fresh and answer any last minute questions before the exam.

FLEXIBLE CLASS SCHEDULE: With classes EVERY 4 WEEKS there are more than enough options to find the perfect class which balances your life schedule.

Tuition Cost

Affordable Tuition Fee (Tuition does not include TB tests, physical, criminal background checks, uniform)

Criminal History Background Check A student understands that by law, a criminal background check will be completed on all individuals who will be training in a health facility.

Physical Exam You will have to get a minor physical to ensure that you have no lifting or other restrictions. You will also have to get a two-step TB test or a chest X-ray if either the 1st or 2nd step TB test is positive.

Uniforms Our standard uniform consists of dark navy blue pants and matching dark navy blue top with patch pockets. All students are required to wear white tennis shoes.

Being a Certified Nursing Assistant is a rewarding career!

Many certified nursing assistants (CNAs) use their education and experience as a beginning in the healthcare field.

By taking advantage of opportunities for growth in their chosen career, many continue their education, becoming licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs).

Employment opportunities are available at the Geneva Living Centers, The Homestead in Penn Yan, Huntington Living Center in Waterloo as well as many other long term care facilities.

Each program consists of classroom, lab and clinical instruction totaling 138 hours. Classes are held Monday thru Friday during the day and each program is four weeks in length.

After successful completion of the training program, you will be eligible to take the New York State certifi cation examinations.